SAMUEL O. CARTY.-Among the. many intelligent and enterprising men who are devoting their time and attention to the tilling of the soil is Samuel O. Carty, of Cass township, who is meeting with as much success in using agricultural implements as he formerly did with his mining tools. A native of Virginia, he was born January 14, 1857, in Russell county, which was likewise the birthplace of his father, James L. Carty. His paternal grandparents were, as far as known, life-long residents of the Old Dominion state.

Reared on a farm, James L. Carty continued a resident of Virginia until 1848. In search then of a more favorable location for securing a living for himself and family, he moved to Kentucky, purchased a farm in Carter county, and was there a resident for ten years. In 1868, pushing still nearer to the frontier line, he came to Sullivan county, Indiana, settling in Hamilton township, where he was engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death, in 1906. He married Rachel Dickerson, who was born in the same county of Virginia that he was, a daughter of Organ and Nancy Dickerson. She died in 1872, leaving five children, namely: Robert, Samuel O., Thomas, Mary and Lucy.

But eleven years old when he came with his parents to Indiana. Samuel O. Carty completed his early education in the schools of Hamilton township, Sullivan county, and obtained a license to teach school. Deciding, however, not to adopt teaching as a profession, he began life for himself as a miner, and for a number of years followed that vocation. In the meantime, having accumulated some money, Mr. Carty wisely invested in land, purchasing the farm where he now resides, and on which he has been successfully employed in general farming since 1894. Showing excellent judgment and much skill in his operations, he is meeting with good success as a tiller of the soil, reaping satisfactory harvests each season.

In 1876 Mr. Carty married Mrs. Lucy (Blevins) Timmons, who was born in Kentucky, a daughter of James Blevins. She married first Harvey Timmons, who died in early life, leaving her with one child, William Timmons. Mr. and Mrs. Carty have reared four children, namely: Bertha, George, James and Harry. Bertha, wife of Marion F. Walters, has children: Marie, Marion, Mabel, Margaret and Evelyn Verle Walters. George married Nellie Smith, and they have three children, Cecil, Earl and Bertha L. James married Emma Goodman, and they are the parents of three children, Ruby, William and Rupert. Harry married Chloe Shipman, and they have two children, Geneva and Pauline. Politically Mr. Carty is identified with the Republican party, and religiously both he and his wife are members of the Baptist church.