DANIEL H. HALBERSTADT was born on the 7th of January, 1850, about three-fourths of a mile north of where he now resides, and is a son of one of the most honored pioneer families of Sullivan county, Harrison and Elizabeth (Manwarring) Halberstadt. They were born in Franklin county, Indiana, and came to Jackson township in Sullivan county as early as 1837, and here they both spent the remainder of their lives and died. Mr. Halberstadt, the father, was quite a prominent stock raiser, and owned over two hundred acres of good land. The Republican party received his stanch support and co-operation, and both he and his wife were earnest members of the Methodist church. They reared five children to years of maturity, namely: George M., whose home is in Jackson township; Charlotte, deceased; Thomas J. and Elijah T., who also reside in Jackson township; and Daniel H., who is mentioned more at length below.

Daniel H. Halberstadt remained at home and assisted his father in clearing and improving his land until his marriage, which occurred on the 27th of November, 1873, to Samantha Ridgeway, who was born in Jackson township, September 26, 1852, a daughter of Jacob W. and Julia A. Ridgeway, both of whom were born in Kentucky, but they were married in Sullivan county, Indiana. Mr. Ridgeway was a lifelong tiller of the soil, and he owned an estate of four hundred and eighty acres. Of the five children born to Mr. and Mrs. Halberstadt, three are deceased, two dying in infancy, and Bettie Lillian at the age of nineteen years. The two living are Nellie G. and Goldie May. The elder is the wife of John A. Harding, of Jackson township, and the younger is at home with her parents.

After his marriage Mr. Halberstadt erected a pleasant home 011 his farm, and here the family have ever since lived, the homestead farm consisting of eighty acres. He is a carpenter as well as a farmer, and has been very successful in his business operations. His politics are Republican, and both he and his wife are members of the Methodist church.