PHILIP T. LLOYD, the proprietor of the Shelburn Lumber Company, was born in Curry township, Sullivan county, Indiana. December 12, 1854, a son of John G. and Elizabeth (Chowning) Lloyd. John G. Lloyd was born in Kentucky in 1832, and was a farmer throughout his entire business career, but is now living retired. He was but three years of age when he came with his parents, Philip and Anna Lloyd, from Kentucky to Indiana, and since then he has been living principally on a farm in Curry township. He served twelve months in the Civil war with the Twenty-first Indiana Heavy Artillery, and participated in the memorable siege of Mobile for ten days and nights, and in compensation for his services in the war he now draws a pension of eighteen dollars a month. His wife bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Chowning, a native of Kentucky, and she died in February, 1893, in Curry township.

Philip T. Lloyd, their son, started out on his business career as a farm hand, thus continuing until his marriage on the 3d of February, 1881, to Alice Shields, who was born in Hamilton township of Sullivan county, May 6, 1859, a daughter of Henry and Mary A. Shields. She died on the 3d of May, 1892, leaving her husband and three children: Clevy H., born July 28, 1882, who resides in Shelburn with his father; Anna O., born October 12, 1883, married Harry E. Allen, who is in the employ of his father-in-law and lives in Shelburn, and they have one child, Mary Lucile, born December 5, 1907; and Albert G., born February 28, 1885, is attending school at a Bible Reading in Peace Creek; Kansas, near Sylvia. He is a member of the Church of Christ. On the 19th of March, 1893, Mr. Lloyd wedded Mary E. McKenzie, born in Curry township in 1859, a daughter of Edward McKenzie. There are no living children by this union.

After his first marriage Mr. Lloyd rented and moved to a farm of eighty acres, and here he has lived for twenty-four years, the property being now in West Shelburn. In 1903 he opened a lumber yard in Shelburn, and two years later, in 1905, bought the property of one of his competitors, A. T. Hill, while in 1907 he became the owner of the Shelburn Lumber Company, one of the well-known business institutions of Sullivan county. He is also the president of the Central Mutual Telephone Company, and his political affiliations are with the Republican party. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd and his children are members of the Church of Christ, and he is one of the elders of old Liberty Congregation.