GEORGE W. UNGER, one of the well-to-do and highly progressive farmers of Sullivan county, residing on the fifth rural free delivery route out from Carlisle, is a native of Haddon township, Sullivan county, born November 23, 1876, a son of John and Catherine (Lake) Unger. The Unger family are French, the father having come from that country about 1866. He worked for various persons at various employments for a number of years, then purchased a farm of one hundred acres in Haddon township, upon which he still resides. Possessed of all the manly and intelligent qualities of the French people, he has woven about him a large circle of admirers and friends.

Having only the advantages of the district schools of Gill and Haddon townships, George W. Unger improved this schooling, and with careful reading as the years have gone by he has become a well-informed man. When twenty-one years of age he rented his father's farm for about five years, then purchased forty acres in Haddon township, but did not occupy it, selling it a year later. He next bought the two hundred acre farm on which he now lives, and where he carries on an up-to-date place, dealing quite largely in stock, including a registered Clydesdale stallion and a fine jack. Politically he favors the principles laid down by the platform of the Republican party.

November 3, 1902, Mr. Unger was united in marriage to Miss Hattie Hale, born in Cass township. Sullivan county, Indiana, in 1880, a daughter of George W. and Sarah (Clayton) Hale. Her mother is deceased and the father resides in Haddon township, where he has lived many years. Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Unger; the first died in infancy, and Richard Paul and Frank Hale are at home.