LEANDER WENCE.-During a number of years Leander Wence was numbered among the best agriculturists and business men of Sullivan county, but he is now living quietly retired at his pleasant home in Farmersburg. He was born on the 3d of November, 1861, in Jackson township, Sullivan county, a son of Abraham and Mary E. (Zink) Wence. The father was born in Ohio, but when but four years of age he was brought by his parents to Jackson township. He is a son of Abraham, Sr., and Sarah Jane Wence, who were farming people and entered land from the government in Jackson township north of Hymera, which continued as their home during the remainder of their lives. Mr. Wence was a squire and constable here for many years.

Abraham Wence, Jr., spent the early years of his life on his parents' farm, and during five years of his business career he was engaged in the mercantile business in Terre Haute and Lyons. From 1861 until 1865 he was a Civil war soldier, but twelve months of that time was spent in Andersonville prison, where he endured all the hardships and privations of that noted prison pen. He is now the owner of a fine estate of one hundred and twenty acres five miles southeast of Hymera, where he and his wife are spending the remainder of their lives. He is a stanch Democrat politically, a member of the Odd Fellows' order at Lyons, and of the Methodist church. In the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wence were four children, of whom Leander is the eldest; Elizabeth Jenny died at the age of nineteen years; James E. resides in Curry township; and Charles E. is a resident of Evansville.

Just after his marriage Leander Wence began farming for himself, renting a farm in Curry township, and he continued as a renter until purchasing twenty acres in 1886. From time to time he added to his original purchase until he became the owner of one hundred and forty- three acres in his homestead farm, and also eighty acres in another tract, but he has since sold his land and invested his money in notes and town property. He continued his agricultural labors until in March of 1907, when he sold his farm and is now living retired in Farmersburg.

On the 8th of October, 1882, Mr. Wence was united in marriage to Susana Everly, who was born in Owen county, Indiana, September 9, 1860, and died June 4, 1896, after becoming the mother of five children; Nora A., born November 16, 1885, died November 25, 1904; Hershal E., born October 30, 1887, married Sadie Crow August 24, 1907, and resides in Shelburn; Otto W., born November 18, 1889, has been in the regular army for two years; the fourth child died in infancy; and Ona M., born January 7, 1896, is attending school and lives with her grandparents. On the 8th of November, 1899, Mr. Wence married Sophia F. Wells, who was born in Grant county, Indiana, April 1, 1869, and died January 11, 1905, after becoming the mother of two children, Noma C., born March 13, 1903, and a son, the younger, who died in infancy. On the 24th of April, 1907, Mr. Wence wedded Daisy Beck, who was born January 3, 1882, in Jefferson township, Sullivan county, a daughter of Josiah F. and Rosanna (Hume) Beck, both of whom were also born in this county, and they are now living in Carlisle. Mr. Wence has one child by his last wife, a daughter, Dortha Lee. He has membership relations with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Shelburn, Lodge No. 420. He is the only one of the Wence name to affiliate with the Republican party. He is a member of the Methodist church, but Mrs. Wence is of the Baptist faith.